Strategy and Sustainability


EnFlow delivers energy efficient and environmentally favourable products and solutions worldwide.

Our core markets are:

  • Aquaculture
  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Maritime
  • Lifecycle Services 
Enflow markets


At EnFlow we consider sustainability as a key aspect in everything we do throughout the organization. By committing to the UN sustainable development goals, we strive to contribute to a better and more sustainable future.


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Our 4 sustainability focus areas are:



Un Global COmpact


#2 Zero Hunger

By 2050 the world population will reach 9,5 billion people, increasing the demand for sustainable food production in the world. We contribute by continuously working on developing sustainable innovations that enables sustainable food production within aquaculture.

Zero Hunger UN sustainability Goal 2

#9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Innovation and technological progress are key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges. EnFlow has a strong history of innovation promoting efficient sustainable solutions across segments. In the future, EnFlow will continue to introduce and promote new sustainable technologies that support our core markets: aquaculture, Energy, Industry, Maritime and Lifecycle services.

UN sustainability goal 9

#13 Climate Action

The need to reduce CO2 emission is vital for our climate. At EnFlow we aim to provide our customers with environmentally responsible and energy-efficient solutions that support production in the most climate friendly way.

Climat Action UN Goal 13

#14 Life Below Water

All aspects of our business are closely linked to the ocean, and we acknowledge the importance of this global resource for our world. Therefore, we consider the wok of saving our ocean from pollution and utilizing its potential in a sustainable way crucial for the future. By providing sustainable technology we aspire to be part of the solution working towards preserving our oceans.

In 2019 EnFlow partnered up with Clean Sea Solutions working to prevent plastic in the ocean.

UN sustainability goal 14